USB connection problem

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first i want to say thanks for all great posts on this forum, i have been following it for a couple month and found a lot of very helpful info!i have afinia 3d printer, i think it is the same as up plus, so i might ask for help here.
overall i am happy with this printer, easy to use, great prints. i had no single problem with it till today. after turning on my printer, i can't get it connected to pc. i tried different cables, different laptops, pc just doesn't see any usb device connected. i can do initialize on printer, it's goes to home position, everything works the same, but no recognition by pc.did anyone had the same problem? if so, what was your solution for it? i read about failure of motherboard, i really hope it's not this case  anyway, i sent mail to tech support, i will post any news from them here. if you have any advise, please reply. all input is greatly appreciated!!!

Please help

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