The Marvelous Land of Oz
      by L. Frank Baum 
             Chapter 2
            The Marvelous Powder of Life
            第二章  南瓜木头人有了生命
        After considering the matter carefully, Tip decided that the best place 
        to locate Jack would be at the bend in the road, a little way from the 
        house. So he started to carry his man there, but found him heavy and 
        rather awkward to handle. After dragging the creature a short distance 
        Tip stood him on his feet, and by first bending the joints of one leg, 
        and then those of the other, at the same time pushing from behind, the 
        boy managed to induce Jack to walk to the bend in the road. It was not 
        accomplished without a few tumbles, and Tip really worked harder than he 
        ever had in the fields or forest; but a love of mischief urged him on, 
        and it pleased him to test the cleverness of his workmanship.
        "Jack's all right, and works fine!" he said to himself, panting with the 
        unusual exertion. But just then he discovered the man's left arm had 
        fallen off in the journey so he went back to find it, and afterward, by 
        whittling a new and stouter pin for the shoulder-joint, he repaired the 
        injury so successfully that the arm was stronger than before. Tip also 
        noticed that Jack's pumpkin head had twisted around until it faced his 
        back; but this was easily remedied. When, at last, the man was set up 
        facing the turn in the path where old Mombi was to appear, he looked 
        natural enough to be a fair imitation of a Gillikin farmer, -- and 
        unnatural enough to startle anyone that came on him unawares.
        As it was yet too early in the day to expect the old woman to return 
        home, Tip went down into the valley below the farm-house and began to 
        gather nuts from the trees that grew there. 
        However, old Mombi returned earlier than usual. She had met a crooked 
        wizard who resided in a lonely cave in the mountains, and had traded 
        several important secrets of magic with him. Having in this way secured 
        three new recipes, four magical powders and a selection of herbs of 
        wonderful power and potency, she hobbled home as fast as she could, in 
        order to test her new sorceries.
        So intent was Mombi on the treasures she had gained that when she turned 
        the bend in the road and caught a glimpse of the man, she merely nodded 
        and said: 
        "Good evening, sir." 
        But, a moment after, noting that the person did not move or reply, she 
        cast a shrewd glance into his face and discovered his pumpkin head 
        elaborately carved by Tip's jack-knife. 
        "Heh!" ejaculated Mombi, giving a sort of grunt; "that rascally boy has 
        been playing tricks again! Very good! ve -- ry good! I'll beat him 
        black- and-blue for trying to scare me in this fashion!" 
        Angrily she raised her stick to smash in the grinning pumpkin head of 
        the dummy; but a sudden thought made her pause, the uplifted stick left 
        motionless in the air.
        "Why, here is a good chance to try my new powder!" said she, eagerly. 
        "And then I can tell whether that crooked wizard has fairly traded 
        secrets, or whether he has fooled me as wickedly as I fooled him." 
        So she set down her basket and began fumbling in it for one of the 
        precious powders she had obtained.
        While Mombi was thus occupied Tip strolled back, with his pockets full 
        of nuts, and discovered the old woman standing beside his man and 
        apparently not the least bit frightened by it. 

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